Robert Haynes
Robert Haynes is the co-founder and creative force driving the Gold Fashioned, the world’s most uncompromising ready-to-drink cocktail.
Over the years, he’s been behind the stick at some of Chicago’s most innovative cocktail programs, spinning tens of thousands of Old Fashioneds before transitioning to the production side - distilling and blending over 75,000 gallons of spirits and liqueurs. Now, here at Sunday’s Finest, he’s creating his best cocktails yet.
The Violet Hour
The year is 2007. Robert begins his journey behind the bar as part of the opening team of the iconic Chicago cocktail bar, The Violet Hour.
Letherbee Distillers
In 2012, Robert saddles up with Letherbee Distillers to develop and launch BËSK. Equal parts obscure and infamous, their expression of this Swedish wormwood liqueur is a master class in making complex flavors sing on their own, as well as when incorporated into a cocktail.
In 2013, Robert leaves The Violet Hour nest and opens Analogue, a critically-acclaimed cocktail bar in Chicago’s Logan Square as Partner and Beverage Director.
Apologue Liqueurs
In 2017, Robert launches Apologue Liqueurs, an all-natural line of award-winning liqueurs featuring ingredients that few have dared to express in the form of a bottled spirit. We’re talking aronia berries, persimmon, and saffron, to name a few.
Sunday’s Finest Gold Fashioned
In 2020, witnessing the rise of packaged cocktails, Robert saw an opportunity to bring impeccable sourcing and bar-quality hospitality to the bottled cocktail arena. Selfishly, he also wanted to make something he’d be damn proud to pour for his friends and family. The result was the Gold Fashioned 2021 Blend - pushing the envelope yet again and crafting cocktails with top-notch ingredients and masterful execution for wherever suits you best. The best part? This is just the beginning.
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A limited number of bottles may still be available in select retailers. If interested in hunting one down, try: Total Wine (CA), Binny’s (IL) or Foxtrot (IL).
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